imageWhen it comes to taking care of my hair I like to work with good products. One of my important rituals is that my hair looks healthy and groomed.
A lot of people have no idea about which products are unhealthy or good for their hair so most of the time we all make the same mistake.We go for a ‘cheap’ shampoo and conditioner that smells really good and then we can save money that we can spend on clothes or for something we want to have.
I did that too but since a couple of months I started buying shampoo of hairdressers and immediately felt and saw the difference.
Lucky me got the chance to try out this new shampoo of Waterclouds by John Beerens.

First the shampoo, next a hair mask with cloudberry and macadamian nut oil that you leave in for a couple of minutes, it repairs treated and damaged hair, then wash it out. The last stap is the conditioner, a lot of people don’t know this but normally you have to leave conditioner in your hair for a couple of hours. So if you have a lazy day, you have time enough otherwise you can make a bun and sleep with it to wash it out the next morning.

But here’s the good thing, you don’t have to do all these things with the Waterclouds conditioner. The only thing you have to do is making your hair towel dry and spray a couple of times the product on your ends. Believe me, it feels like your getting back from the hairdresser every time again.



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