Step by step I make my closet spring proof, it was about time! Finally good weather, not too much knit sweaters and more of denim items.
I love this trends because you can do so many things with it!Denim can look quiet heavy so the trick is to create a detail that makes it more femenine, lucky me I found the perfect clutch during the exclusive opening of the Lewis Store! Next to my clutch I’m totally in love with the shoes of Maruti.
For those who may not no this brand, Maruti roots lie in the Netherlands, with a passion for beautiful shoes they create shoes animal and fashion prints.

From sporty chic to sandals, trying out washing effects, I’m just in love with this brand, can be dangerous for my wallet though! But you know what I say, once in a while it’s OK to celebrate live and giving yourself a plesant gift.
Not only happy with my outfit en new acquisitions but also with the pictures!
As a blogger you grow everyday and you learn so much and it’s great to share that with people, I’m happy and I admit proud too work with Irmy, she is young and beautiful and it’s so much fun to see someone else grow with you! A great photographer, can you imagine with had fun again?


photos by Irmy Coeckelbergs

Top: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Sneakers: Maruti footwear
Jacket: Goosecraft
Clutch: Star Mella
Sunglasses: Polette
Necklace: H&M


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