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Coffee, fun and free time. Those are three things every person loves. Even better when we can have these things all at once.
When you walk around in Antwerp you bump into a coffeebar about every 5 minutes. That is one of the things that is great about the cities, these cosy bars keep on coming and they give us the chance meet to new places to hang out with friends or a date! All good but where to go? Let me tell you something about this new place Vascobelo V-bar.

Vascobelo and Pravda Pressroom invited a few bloggers to enjoy breakfast at their new bar (Suikkerui 32, Antwerp) and lucky me, I was one those bloggers.
With a grumpy stomach I left home, enthusiastic as I was, finally a relax moment meeting other bloggers.
Started with a delicious breakfast, think salmon, scrambled egg and fruit with good coffees and fresh tea. It kept me silent for some moments!
I’m not the type of person that drinks black coffee every morning but once in a while a cappucino can’t do me no wrong.
Like that morning, I have to admit, I had more then one cappucino… but when the taste is good and they shape a lovely heart in the middle, what else can you do?

After the lunch, the brand manager gave us a guided tour. From the story behind the coffeebeans to the ideas behind the interior.
Fun fact, everything is made in Belgium! Makes it just a little bit more special right!
For those who love wine (me!) are in the right place, since you can enjoy a cosy night with tapas and jazz music.
Also a good thing about this place is, that the location is great, also for people who are not familiar in Antwerp.
The city can add this place to his HOTSPOT list, what do you think, ready to take visit?


Shout out to my lovely tablemates! Jan from Belmodo, La Fille d’Anvers, Dries Vriesacker, Latanie.
I had a bless, thanks to Vascobelo and Pravda Pressroom.

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