Amsterdam pressdays FW 15-16


Last week I went to the Press days in Amsterdam, it’s always such a pleasure to be back in this city!
Nothing better when the sun is shining, looking for new hotspots and not to forget to do some shopping, enjoying these kind of days since I’m not living there.

 Luckily  I have more excuses to visit this town for example, the press days.
These time I wanted to combine everything and I made an expanded visit to Fuse Communication.

This agency has so many great brands (ia. Steve Madden, Zalando, Invito and Jutka & Riska #lovethem) and I always looking forward to the new collections.
These days are always so sociable, meeting bloggers, get in touch again with the PR people, getting spoiled with lovely food and drinks and you get the chance to meet the designers!

So I’ve got to meet the two beautiful ladies Susana and Manon, the faces behind My Isabelli. For those who are not totally familiar with the brand, My Isabelli is a brand with lovely clothes and accessories, think bohemian chic, but they are also are very known by their Mochila bags!
Plus it’s affordable ánd the are totally rocking the popular summer trend.
For only €9,95 you can get a sheet with tattoos, why are they so special? They’re finding inspiration all around the world what gives Susana beautiful design ideas!
I’ve got the chance to try one out and I have to say that they are sticking well for a long time, another good thing is when you remove the tattoo, your skin doesn’t feel dry or anything!


If that wasn’t enough for my fashion heart, RayBan also organized a photo competition where you can win beautiful sunglasses! Round frames are back in the game, their new collection looks amazing!

Further, we see that designers try more with prints and different fabrics, like the sneakers á la Chanel.
Jutka and Riska plays with a lot of black with pink details. Lucky me, Jutka & Riska having a store in Antwerp.
The reason I like this brand so much is because they recycle and they stand out with their items!


With other words I had a great day, with a big thank you to Fuse Communication!
Tommorow it’s time for the Press days in Antwerp where I also looking forward to, it promises to be a very busy day.
Follow me on Instagram (@awayofdreamingkiki) and stay tuned, for now have a lovely day and keep an eye on the blog because Thursday it’s time for a new outfit post, can’t wait!

DSC_00904ever with everyone


Photos by Irmy Coeckelbergs


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