Antwerp pressdays FW 15-16


Hi guys, last week you could find me at the press days, in Antwerp. Again, I will show you sneak peeks of the new fall-winter collections of 2015-2016.
The different with the press days in Amsterdam is that I meet my fellow bloggers here, the perfect occassion to have a small chat and discuss which items we would die for (figuratively). Everybody knows that I love to talk, so you can imagine I had a blast!

After my Press days Amsterdam post en photos on Instagram people were wondering what the exact purpose is of these days.This is how it works: journalists, stylists and bloggers are invited to come over to the show rooms of the PR agencies, where they present the collections of their brands.
That way we can visualize how the fashion scene will look like during the fall-winter. I love to see how my favorite designers devolop and create something totally new and I get to new brands.
Let’s have a look!


step0001Kanna is a Spanish brand that created his first FW collection, I’m already in love with their SS15 collection, sandals are available at Clouds of Fashion (for the interested).

step0001 (1) _DSC4575 Herschel comes with his first leather edition and a touch of gold


Melted by the collection of Selected femme and seing the changes by Vero Moda and Only, you will be amazed by their FW items.
Shame on me that I haven’t pictures but I was to busy talking with Charlotte of Enface’DL and Julie from the Bible of fashion, who is the new ambassador of Selected Femme and new crew member of Bestseller PR!
But make sure to keep an eye on the website and Instagram because their are fun things to come, thanks to Bestseller!


11203249_10205435320897146_2177141673154682796_nIn love with this new python print

New fabrics, colors and total looks for the sport wear collection


step0001 (3) 11193367_10205436429844869_6355109182509125811_n


11182196_10205435318017074_1235611770494392063_n 11150713_10205435318697091_6836296574201498249_n 11112491_10205435315817019_5137330421059581354_n 10957184_10205436487286305_439364637229547796_nEssentiel for the win



AmatØr comes with a great collection, costumes and casual looks with a pink touch. Who said work clothes have to be boring?

11140072_10205435313816969_3206116343492192213_n 11107728_10205435315337007_8288369517919121546_n 11049533_10205435306296781_6311588476981880637_nThese are the Veloretti bikes, a new concept from Amsterdam to motivate people to live more green! Available in many bright colors and another fun thing… you assemble it yourself! #datetip?



I want to thank all the PR agencies for the invite! For those who have early bird questions about collections or what else, feel free to ask!


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