Travel report: Porto

Months you look forward to the citytrip you booked and once it there it’s like you wink onces and you’re on the airplane again.
If there is one thing I really love to do is travelling, as most of you already know. This time we went to beautiful Porto. Lees verder


Roadtrip Spain- France Part II


We tastes a lot of the Spanish food, enjoyed the typical summer drinks.
Went to the places everyone goes to when they go on a vacation or citytrip, so now it was time to go to the beautiful places everyone talks about and where they wanna go to but don’t have the time. I’m talking about…

Lees verder

Roadtrip Spain- France 2014 PART I

The photos are here, finally! Sorry for waiting guys but well you know what they say!
It’s been already 3 weeks ago since we were in sunny Spain, time flies…
I’m always talking about Fashion but now I’m gonna take you with me in my personal bubble.

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Christmas time in Sweden

It’s been already a week ago since I went to Sweden.
People are right when they say that Swedish people are beautiful so that’s already one reason why you should plan a city trip to Stockholm ;-).
Not this time for me because I went to Lees verder