Amsterdam pressdays FW 15-16


Last week I went to the Press days in Amsterdam, it’s always such a pleasure to be back in this city!
Nothing better when the sun is shining, looking for new hotspots and not to forget to do some shopping, enjoying these kind of days since I’m not living there.

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“Sneakers: Designer vs. Budget”

There are a lot of fun trends this summer, also when it comes to shoes. I’ve found some trends I really want to try, but I just can’t get rid of my sneaker addiction! Lucky for me, sneakers are a huge trend right now. Stilettos are replaced with comfortable sneakers, even on the catwalk.

Like I said before, I can really enjoy staying home for a day, trendwatching and finding inspiration in new collections online. Lees verder

EVENT | Pop up store opening Addy van de Krommenacker x De Bijenkorf


Addy van de Krommenacker opens his first pop up store in the Netherlands.
Started out in the Bijenkorf, Amsterdam. With a new collection and a new parfum! Lees verder