Last week it was time for some ‘”me-time”, I really can enjoy the moments that I’m just by myself.
During this moments I always do some shopping or I drive to Amsterdam, Eindhoven or anywhere else to search for coffeebars and places I didn’t knew before.
With the intention to give you inspiration for when you have a day off or a first date! Because we all know how that goes…

That’s when I read something about a coffee shop in Eindhoven, lucky me I needed to be in the city for an appointment so I went for a look! Lees verder


Amsterdam pressdays FW 15-16


Last week I went to the Press days in Amsterdam, it’s always such a pleasure to be back in this city!
Nothing better when the sun is shining, looking for new hotspots and not to forget to do some shopping, enjoying these kind of days since I’m not living there.

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Travel report: Porto

Months you look forward to the citytrip you booked and once it there it’s like you wink onces and you’re on the airplane again.
If there is one thing I really love to do is travelling, as most of you already know. This time we went to beautiful Porto. Lees verder

Press day SS15: PART I

Hi guys,
This week was it THAT time again, I’m talking about the press days!
A day full of Fashion, inspirational people but most important all the news they have for us.

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