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Meet Dries Vriesacker, one of Belgium’s male bloggers. Student, living in Beveren and crazy about fashion.
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BLOGGER OF THE MONTH| Mirror of Fashion


The end of the month, another blogger to be inspired with! Today it’s time for Valerie Brems from ‘Mirror of Fashion’.
Live from Antwerp this fashionista has a great style. Giving her own twist to the latest trends and she is not only showing us outfits. Lees verder

Inspiration is everywhere!

Jullie weten ondertussen dat mijn verhalen meestal kort en bondig zijn, maar vandaag is dat anders.
Ik heb weer op verschillende plaatsen inspiratie gevonden, om over te kunnen schrijven en nieuwe dingen te ontdekken.
Inspiratie vind je overal, ik vind mijn inspiratie in conversaties met mensen, mijn vrienden, omgevingen, mensen met een leuke stijl, … maar ook vind ik ze bij andere bloggers.
Naast mode journalisten zijn er ook veel bloggers bijgekomen, allemaal met een eigen stijl.
Soms vind je jezelf meer terug in die ene blogger als de ander.
Een tijd geleden ben ik op de blog van Zoe van Are We One Time? terecht gekomen.

Waarom ik haar blog zo leuk vind?
Ze doet haar eigen ding, laat de mensen een kijkje nemen in haar wereld en haar interesse.
Maar ook iets wat ik heel leuk vind is dat ze zelf foto’s maakt, iets wat ik graag in de toekomst ook wil waarmaken.
Zo heeft ze de enige, echte Scott Schuman tijdens de Londen Fashion Week op de foto gezet.
Daarom heb ik contact opgenomen en een kleine interview met haar gehouden!

Scott schuman / Londen Fashion week

In the meantime you guys know that I always tell my story’s summarily, but today will be different.
I find inspiration at a lot of places, so I can write- and discover new things.
Inspiration is everywhere, in conversations, my friends, environments, in people with a nice clothing style, … but I find it also in other bloggers.
Besides fashion journalists there are a lot of bloggers, each with their own style.
Sometimes you find yourself more back in the style of one blogger then the other.
A while ago I found the blog Are We On Time? by Zoe.

What I like about her blog?
She is doing her own thing, let the people take a look in her world and interests.
But something that I really like is that she’s taking her own pictures, something I also wanna do in the future.
She made a picture from the one and only Scott Schuman during the London Fashion week.
So I contacted her for a little interview!

Zoe from Are We On Time?

– When did you start blogging?
I started Are We On Time? in June last year, so I haven’t been going on this blog for very long at all.
I used to write another blog, which I had to stop, but when I realised how I missed blogging, I started up Are We On Time?
-Did you have a vision when you started, was it for fun or were you into fashion?
I didn’t have much of a vision to be honest, I just wanted to share my take on the world!
I have always loved fashion, and living in London has made me so much more aware of it – I guess it’s London that made me start.
-How long did it take before people start noticing you and what did you do to promote your blog?
I don’t know exactly how long.
I knew kind of how to promote my blog from all the mistakes I made with the first one!
I joined networks, and set up twitter, and most of all, I showed it to my friends.
I didn’t realise how much traffic you can get from just telling people about it.
-Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspiration from so many things: books, magazines, art exhibitions, adverts on TV, people I see in the street, my friends.
-Are you going to the streets to take your own pictures?
Being a bit of a photographer myself, I have always been interested in taking portraits of people.
I love fashion photography but my view is that it is all just too forced.
That’s why I focus on street style and candid shots. I want to show people the natural side of fashion.
-What do you like the most about blogging?
I know it’s cheesy, but I love the community aspect.
I love that everyone helps each other out. Mostly, I love the opportunity for me to channel all of my passions into one website.
As much as Are We On Time is about fashion, it’s about art and culture as well.
-How would you describe your own (clothing) style? 
I don’t think I can! It changes so much.
All I can say is that I dress for myself. Always.
I buy and wear the clothes that I love and that I think suit me.
Yes, I keep up with trends in magazines, but I will never buy into a trend that I don’t love.
For me, style is so personal that you can’t rely on trends to tell you how to dress.
 -Do you have some tips for new fashion bloggers? And what would you say to people who doesn’t have a real high shop budget?
Networking is hard, and it takes time. Sometimes you get lucky, and you can get lots of followers from that, but it really is all about patience – they won’t come over night.
I’m still waiting for that moment when my blog is ‘discovered’!
I think most bloggers are! You need to put in the effort with other bloggers.
I don’t have any sort of designer budget…and being a student, I am struggling with the high street budget too!
I find bloggers who only wear designer clothes incredibly annoying, because most of their followers can’t afford them.
A label is only a label. If you wear something that you look and feel amazing in, it doesn’t matter how much it cost.
So many of my favourite clothes have come from charity shops and second hand shops. Shop there! They are so underrated!
Are We One Time?

Hopefully you liked the interview and get some inspiration and answers from it!
Make sure you take a look on her website, it’s worth it.
Are We One Time?