Last week it was time for some ‘”me-time”, I really can enjoy the moments that I’m just by myself.
During this moments I always do some shopping or I drive to Amsterdam, Eindhoven or anywhere else to search for coffeebars and places I didn’t knew before.
With the intention to give you inspiration for when you have a day off or a first date! Because we all know how that goes…

That’s when I read something about a coffee shop in Eindhoven, lucky me I needed to be in the city for an appointment so I went for a look! Lees verder


Roadtrip Spain- France 2014 PART I

The photos are here, finally! Sorry for waiting guys but well you know what they say!
It’s been already 3 weeks ago since we were in sunny Spain, time flies…
I’m always talking about Fashion but now I’m gonna take you with me in my personal bubble.

Lees verder

Press day Amsterdam

Finaly my report about the Press day in Amsterdam!
Hopefully everyone enjoyed his easter, to me it was another story (with other words = WORK).
But before that craziness I had a great day in the streets of Amsterdam. Lees verder

Press days in Antwerp

What a week! My sister was visiting us and she arrived just in time… during the Press days.
So you can imagine how excited I was, going to Antwerp getting the chance to see as first the new collections of 2014. Lees verder