Last week it was time for some ‘”me-time”, I really can enjoy the moments that I’m just by myself.
During this moments I always do some shopping or I drive to Amsterdam, Eindhoven or anywhere else to search for coffeebars and places I didn’t knew before.
With the intention to give you inspiration for when you have a day off or a first date! Because we all know how that goes…

That’s when I read something about a coffee shop in Eindhoven, lucky me I needed to be in the city for an appointment so I went for a look! Lees verder


“Sneakers: Designer vs. Budget”

There are a lot of fun trends this summer, also when it comes to shoes. I’ve found some trends I really want to try, but I just can’t get rid of my sneaker addiction! Lucky for me, sneakers are a huge trend right now. Stilettos are replaced with comfortable sneakers, even on the catwalk.

Like I said before, I can really enjoy staying home for a day, trendwatching and finding inspiration in new collections online. Lees verder