Last week it was time for some ‘”me-time”, I really can enjoy the moments that I’m just by myself.
During this moments I always do some shopping or I drive to Amsterdam, Eindhoven or anywhere else to search for coffeebars and places I didn’t knew before.
With the intention to give you inspiration for when you have a day off or a first date! Because we all know how that goes…

That’s when I read something about a coffee shop in Eindhoven, lucky me I needed to be in the city for an appointment so I went for a look! Lees verder

10 things you didn’t know about Floris van Bommel

Van Bommel probably sounds fimiliar to you, especially for men? It’s a well known shoe brand who brings out beautiful items.
For those who have no idea where I’m talking about or for those who like to know more about Mr. van Bommel.
Here are 10 things you may didn’t know about him yet!

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