Antwerp pressdays FW 15-16


Hi guys, last week you could find me at the press days, in Antwerp. Again, I will show you sneak peeks of the new fall-winter collections of 2015-2016.
The different with the press days in Amsterdam is that I meet my fellow bloggers here, the perfect occassion to have a small chat and discuss which items we would die for (figuratively). Everybody knows that I love to talk, so you can imagine I had a blast!

After my Press days Amsterdam post en photos on Instagram people were wondering what the exact purpose is of these days. Lees verder




Ready to start a new month by ending this one with a new blogger of the month.
This time we welcome this inspiring lady who knows exactly what’s going on in the fashion scene! With her own style she takes you into her world and shows you what it’s all about. Meet Joya Kenens of Seen by Joya. Lees verder

My week in a nutshell

Scapa World opening 020edited

Hi guys, another week passed by. It is crazy! How many times I caught myself thinking ‘wow, it’s already that day again’.
They say time flies when you’re having fun so maybe I should blame myself and the things I do! Lees verder