Amsterdam pressdays FW 15-16


Last week I went to the Press days in Amsterdam, it’s always such aΒ pleasure to be back in this city!
Nothing better when the sun is shining, looking for new hotspots and not to forget to do some shopping, enjoying these kind of days since I’m not living there.

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Press day Amsterdam

Finaly my report about the Press day in Amsterdam!
Hopefully everyone enjoyed his easter, to me it was another story (with other words = WORK).
But before that craziness I had a great day in the streets of Amsterdam. Lees verder

Fall in love with Dohtt

Women never have enough jewelry.
Men won’t understand does words, but Dothh totally get the message and make us fall in love with their jewels.
Set out with a passion for style and everything that has something do to with fashion! Lees verder