Fancy afficiency during the day


One of my fashion issues is that sometimes when I buy clothes they are perfect to wear to a party, birthday or that kind of occassions.
While you can wear those items perfectly on a weekday, so that’s when my ‘I don’t care what people think about my look comes up’. Lees verder



1546003_10204647525162745_3505374547046177106_n Meet the girl behind Enface’DL: Charlotte de Lange. Fashionista living in the city of fashion Antwerp. With her own special style, she is ready to start 2015 healthy and as a busy women! Lees verder

Louisa Wendorff: Mash-up Taylor Swift

How your life can chance in 5 seconds! Well not exaclty 5 seconds but it didn’t took long! Louisa Wendorff never thought this would happen after she made a cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Lees verder

These boots are made for walking

I will never get enough of crop tops and high waist jeans, it’s like going a little bit back in time with this outfit.
A lot of people from my age doesn’t like these denim items but I think it has it charme and more people should wear it.

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